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At The Stock Exchange Bank, we like to make banking simple. We don't believe that any type of banking—especially personal banking—has to be complex or time-consuming to be effective. We simply match your needs with specific products that best meet those needs. It's banking that's honest and direct, with no complications. In short, you'll find that it's easy to do business with us. 

Free Checking
Free Checking means: Free from any service charges.  Free from any minimum balance requirement.  Free unlimited check writing with no excess check fees.  Free check safekeeping and no cancelled checks to store; we will store them for you. Free first 50 imprinted checks. Free ATM/check card.  Free online banking.   

Regular Checking
An initial deposit of $100 is all you need to open a regular checking account at The Stock Exchange Bank. This is a non-interest bearing account with unlimited check writing. You are provided with an image statement each month by mail. You can avoid a monthly fee by maintaining a $500 average daily balance in your account. Should your average daily balance fall below $500 at any time during the monthly statement cycle, you will be charged a $5.00 minimum balance fee for that statement period. The minimum balance fee and the initial deposit do not apply to nonprofit organizations,  persons ages 18 and under or 55 and over.

Value Plus Club Account
If you like value, this is the account for you! An initial minimum deposit of $250 is all that is required to open this account. The monthly service charge is $5.00. Keep a minimum daily balance of $500 in the account each day, and we'll pay you interest. You are provided with an image statement each month by mail. And, with a Value Plus Account, you'll be eligible for four added benefits:

  • First order of basic checks free
  • Free Cashier's Checks (limited to three per visit)
  • Free personal-sized safe deposit box for one year
  • Free notary service and photocopy service (limited to five copies per visit)
  • No service charge on any account which has a $5,000 average daily balance

Value Plus Gold Account
The Value Plus Gold Account has all the same benefits and requirements of the Value Plus Club Account, plus more:

  • No service charge for persons 55 and over with a minimum balance of $500

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NOW Account
This account is an interest bearing account. An initial minimum deposit of $500 is required to open this account, and you will be charged a monthly minimum balance fee of $7.50 if the balance in this account falls below $1,000 on any day of the month. A minimum daily balance of $1,000 must be maintained in the account each day to earn interest.

Money Market Checking
A minimum deposit of $2,500 is required to open this account. Transactions are limited by regulation. No more than six (6) transfers or withdrawals (or combination of transfers and withdrawals) are allowed on this account for each four (4) week or similar period which are made by means of a preauthorized or automatic transfer, telephone agreement, debit card (POS), Internet banking,  order or instruction from the account to another account of the depositor at the same institution or to third parties.  ATM, mail and in-person transactions are unlimited. A minimum balance fee of $10.00 will be imposed each monthly statement cycle if the balance in the account falls below $2,500 on any day of the cycle. This is an interest bearing account, however a minimum daily balance of $2,500 must be maintained to earn interest. Accounts with balances over $10,000 earn a higher rate of return.

Commercial Checking
The Stock Exchange Bank's Regular Commercial Checking Account is service charged by analysis, which considers balances held and volume of activity. Call or stop by the bank to visit with our New Account personnel for additional information. You can also contact our New Accounts department by email.

Regular Savings
This traditional savings account is a convenient way to save. Your account balance earns daily interest which is compounded and paid quarterly. You can open a regular savings account with an initial deposit of $100. A minimum balance fee of $5.00 per quarter will be charged if the average daily balance in the account falls below $100. An excessive transaction fee of $1.00 will be charged for each withdrawal over five per quarter. The minimum balance fee and initial deposit requirement will not apply to persons ages 18 and under or 55 and over.

Certificates of Deposit
Certificates are available for time periods as short as seven (7) days or as long as three (3) years. Minimum initial deposit is $1,000 for time periods less than one year or $500 for time periods greater than one year. The interest rate is fixed for the term of the deposit, and additional deposits are not permitted. Because you leave the funds on deposit for a certain time period, you receive a higher interest yield. If, however, you wish to withdraw the funds before maturity, there will be a substantial penalty for early withdrawal.

Individual Retirement Accounts
Traditional IRA --The traditional IRA is an account which allows you to defer taxes on your earnings until they are withdrawn. Also, certain contributions are tax deductible in the tax year for which they are made.

Roth IRA --The Roth IRA is a nondeductible account that features tax-free withdrawals for certain distribution reasons after a five-year holding period. Since Roth IRA contributions are nondeductible and taxed in the year they are earned, people who expect to be in a higher tax bracket when they retire may benefit more from these accounts than from a traditional IRA.

Education IRA --The Education IRA is a nondeductible account that features tax-free withdrawals for a very specific purpose--a child's higher education expenses. At first glance, the Education IRA may look similar to Traditional and Roth IRAs. However, while higher education distributions from a Traditional or Roth IRA are penalty free, the same distributions from an Education IRA are both penalty free and tax free.

This information is provided for marketing purposes only and is not intended to be a full disclosure. Full disclosures will be provided upon request or when an account is opened.

Please contact one of our new account representatives at 580-256-3314 to obtain rates on any of our interest bearing accounts.

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